Tibetan Royal Year of 2151 | Year of the Wood Dragon

The denial of free speech in Tibet threatens the distinctive culture and the very existence of the Tibetan people. Chinese authorities are systematically eradicating the national identity of the Tibetans. One of the world’s most ancient cultures is in danger of extinction. And time is running out…

“Freedom of information is… the touchstone of all the freedoms”

UN Freedom of Information Conference, 1948

Anyone reading these lines, is obviously in a privileged position of having access to the Internet and a wealth of information, even to tuning in to a large number of domestic and foreign stations.

In Tibet where much of the population is illiterate and poor the power of radio is particularly obvious. Radio broadcasting is the main medium for mass information and education. In Tibet, the Chinese Communist government have monopoly control over the mass media, and with lack of an independent information source, the general public have no access to free information and total lack of a channel to voice their right to speech. As such, getting reliable information from an outside source is as critical for the survival of the Tibetans and its culture. The need for information makes Tibetans inside Tibet vulnerable for misinformation. In any country ruled by a totalitarian regime, media is strictly controlled by the State. Tibetans are daily subjected to misinformation and propaganda designed to control and manipulate in favor of the regime.

On this background, Voice of Tibet was established as an independent radio station, starting its Tibetan language short wave radio service on May 14th 1996. It was founded by three Norwegian NGOs; The Norwegian Human Rights House, The Norwegian Tibet Committee and Worldview Rights. The project has been funded through donations from supportive organizations and private individuals. Since 1996, Voice of Tibet has been airing daily programmes in both Tibetan and Chinese on short wave to Tibet and China as well as India, Bhutan and Nepal.

Main Objectives

Voice of Tibet’s main objectives are to provide a channel for unbiased information and news to the Tibetans living under Chinese oppression in Tibet, to help preserve the threatened Tibetan culture, to educate the Tibetans in internationally acknowledged human rights, to inform about democracy and the democratic institutions of the Tibetan exile community, and to help prevent conflicts and discrimination. Another main objective is to improve communications within as well as between the Tibetan exile communities.

Editorial Contents

Voice of Tibet’s journalists work hard to provide a broad coverage of all main issues related to Tibet:

  • News on the situation from Tibetan exile communities and from inside Tibet
  • News and events related to activities on Tibet throughout the world
  • Developments of Tibet issues taking place in the international fora
  • Democracy movements in China
  • Features, interviews and debates regarding all relevant Tibet related issues
  • Education and information on human rights and democracy
  • Features on Tibetan culture, music and folk tales
  • Reports and information on both traditional medicine and modern health care
  • Information and reports on environmental issues
  • Twice a week VOT airs HH the Dalai Lama’s latest public speeches in serialised form

News and Information

Every day Voice of Tibet broadcasts a 30 minutes news service in the Tibetan langauge and a 15 minutes news service in Mandarin Chinese. The programs are produced by Tibetan journalists stationed in several countries, with the main editorial office in India. Voice Of Tibet programs mainly focus on Tibet related issues, following the development inside Tibet closely as well as reporting on the activities and working of Exile democratic institutions. The daily programme is divided into two parts; news of the day and a feature story.

Voice of Tibet is in the process of extending its international network of contact persons and information sources, and would highly appreciate information on Tibet related news and events planned or taking place in your region or country.