Tibetan Royal Year of 2151 | Year of the Wood Dragon

Monday 05/05/2014

Tibetan News Headlines

  • འབྲི་ཆུའི་བཞུར་རྒྱུན་དུ་ཁམས་སྡེ་དགེ་ཁུལ་གྱི་དོན་རྐྱེན་དང་འབྲེལ་ནས་གླེང་མོལ།

Saturday 02/03/2024

  • China’s dam projects in Tibet: Social and environmental impact
  1. Dalai Lama arrives in Riga, Latvia
  2. CTA Home Kalon meets with Sikkim’s local officials
  3. Tibet activists receive support at Hotel Intercontinental meeting, London
  4. TCHRD holds concert to highlight ‘Media Blackout in Tibet’
  5. Thousands gather at the 6th Tibet Festival in Paris: France
  6. Sera Monastery hosts debate on Buddhist Science and General Science



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