Tibetan Royal Year of 2151 | Year of the Wood Dragon

Thursday 08/05/2014

Tibetan News Headlines

  • Tibet and the Himalayas: revisiting cross border trade through Uttarkashi
  • Feature : His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s speech to devotees from Himalayas

རེས་གཟའ་སྤེན་པ། ༢༠༢༤།༠༧།༢༠

  • བོད་དང་ཧི་མཱ་ལ་ཡ། བོད་དང་ཚོང་ས་རོང་པ།
  • ཕྱི་ལོ་ ༢༠༡༢ ལོར་༸གོང་ས་མཆོག་གིས་ཧི་མ་ལ་ཡའི་ཆོས་ཞུ་བར་སྩལ་བའི་བཀའ་སློབ།

  1. High time for China to work on the causes of Tibetan self immolations: Dalai Lama talks to press in Oslo
  2. A Chamdo Tibetan stabs himself and jumps from roof to protest Chinese mining
  3. Rebgong Tibetan ‘Substitute’ Teachers continues protest with peace march
  4. Utsang Tibetans pledge to mark Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday with gift of good deed as per his teachings
  5. 8th session of Tibetan Parliament to be held from 12 to 24 September



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