Tibetan Royal Year of 2151 | Year of the Wood Dragon

Wednesday 14/05/2014

Tibetan News Headlines

  • Organic Research and Training Centre: Inculcating sustainable farming with modern approach among Tibetans in exile

རེས་གཟའ་ཉི་མ། ༢༠༢༤།༠༧།༡༤

  • སྦེལ་ཀོབ་སྐྱེ་ལྡན་སོ་ནམ་ཉམས་ཞིབ་སྦྱོང་བརྡར་ཁང་གི་སྐོར་གླེང་མོལ།

  1. Hessen’s Minister-President extends warm welcome to Dalai Lama:Germany
  2. China cracks down on Chamdo Tibetans over ongoing anti-mining protests
  3. Dharamsala Tibetans hold solidarity vigil for Chamdo Phakpa Gyaltsen
  4. TPI and Shimla University marks 100 years of Shimla Agreement with panel discussion
  5. FEATURE: Dalai Lama’s address to Tibetans in Shillong



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